You might ask if its is possible to make a stone mosaic?

The pictures you see are not painted at all. The are made of little tiny bits of stone, all done by hand.


This little statue is even more incredible!

That's not paint, those are all natural colors. I hope the art inspires someone to travel to Florence, Italy. That is where a lot of them came out of. Some day I would like to travel there, but I am saving it. One is not to see the best in the world first.

The great book I found these inlays in is,

Pietre Dure by

Anna Maria Giusti

ISBN 0 85667 405 2

LC 91-060247


Philip Wilson Publishers Limited

in 1992 in London

On page 297 it says,

"pietre dure, means literally "Hard stones". In everyday and artistic

terminology, the term is used to mean semi precious stones in general.

More exactly, pietre dure are siliceous minerals, rated between 6 and

7 on the Mohs scale."

I hope you have something of a better understanding of what can be done with rock.