The Stone Inlay Pages

This includes the art of pietre dure,which means literally "Hard stones". Basically this is marquetry in stone. Also called stone intarsia. Remember all images you see here are made up of small cut pieces of stone!

There are over 400 images totaling over 18MB in these pages.

Pietre Dure images

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Pietre Dure Picture of Doves.

Pietre Dure Flowers.

Brass candlesticks with some pietre dure bird pictures in the bottom.

What is not hard stone marquetry -- the art of Cloisonné

Some new geometrical stone inlay boxes.

Planet Granite, a commercial marble and granite company that is doing inlays with a waterjet.

Some stone inlays from Iran.

A simple pietre dure picture of some people.

Raw pietre dure photos

More raw pietre dure photos


ADC, Dommel -- Supplier of precious and semi-precious stones from around the world.