Micro Mosaics

These are a few items that I took pictures of while walking though antique shops in New York City. You really have to search to find this art. Mainly done in Italy last century these picture took many hours to complete. The artists that did do it for a living didn't make much.

Micro mosaics are practically grains of stone and glass that are placed to form a picture. You really have to look close to see the individual pieces of stone. You can tell in the close up images that are on this page. All I can say is it took someone a long time with a tweezers and magnify glass to do these.

Here is an interesting broach and a close-up

This scenes were real popular to do. If you haven't guessed micro-mosaics were done by Italians. It was a popular art last Century. The four outer pictures are about 2 inches wide.